Friday, October 12, 2007

The democratization of the media

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One of the profound shifts in the last few decades has been the concentration of media ownership that has resulted in about 4 large media barons controlling the bulk of the world’s media. The problem with this process is that:

  1. Media content becomes politically motivated
  2. Media content becomes populist drivel
  3. The barrier to entering conventional media markets is very high because of the high costs of publishing and establishing news gathering networks and establishing a brand

But that is all going to change. Internet service providers like promise to transform the media business by allowing anyone to post content on the internet and allowing users to vote on its merits. The implication is that everyone becomes empowered – whether as a content publisher or reader. This mode of media delivery allows people to promote their services as well as critique their opponents. I think this media solution will work better if friendships are based around personal interests – which is usually the case.
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- Andrew Sheldon

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