Saturday, March 01, 2008

Tax abuse at its worst - when tax authorities steal

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See this article and tell me what you think.
Do you think tax authorities should have the power to do this? See this post. The rationalisation is made that tax offices are performing a public service, but there are several things that we can say about this service and the people that break the tax 'rules':
1. Governments are just as wanton in their tendency to break the law. In the USA, there is no requirement for people to lodge personal income tax returns, though the US government acts as if its a legal requirement, and evades any discussion of the issue.
2. Legislation is enacted on the basis of a popularity contest, that appeals to the majority of mostly poor or middle class people who 'directly' benefit from taxation of the rich, or who otherwise lack the conceptual skills to see what they lose as a result of taxation. They just see the taxes collected and think its working for them. Sorry its not. See my tax blog for convincing evidence of this.
3. People who object to paying taxation have no rational recourse. They cannot sure government to prevent it. This is legislation that overrides Common Law.
4. The majority of tax payers think that paying tax serves them more than it hinders them. So I want to educate the public as to why that is not true. I want to reveal the costs they don't see.
Andrew Sheldon
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