Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Zeitgeist Movie

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Check out the following movie http://zeitgeistmovie.com. This phenomenable movie documents evidence to support its premise that our political, religious and financial institutions (central banks) exist to serve their principles and the rest of us are just slaves to be manipulated. It also posits that a great many international events like WWII, the Vietnam War and 9-11th were events precipitated or staged by vested interests to bring the world into war, because financial and political interests were served by these developments.
I dont think I fully support the conclusions made in the docmentary, but I agree with a great many. The argument that US government lured the US into war to help investment bankers make money seems a stretch to me because:
1. The war was inevitable since Hitler was conquering Europe
2. I dont think investment banks benefit from war. The argument that investment banks benefit from financing war neglects the fact that they benefit more from funding peace-time expansion, since wars destroy productive capacity whereas peace-time expansion creates, so creates many more financing opportunities. So maybe Rockefeller made $US230mil from financing the war, but would he not have made more financing peace.
3. A counter-argument could be made however that this private financing of war is offered selectively to those loyal central bankers like JP Morgan and Rothschild. The implication is that these larger banks, which are co-owners of the Fed Reserve (a private institution) are benefiting at the expense of other banks by virtue of their government favours. So I suggest their needs to be evidence to suggest that these loans by central banks were not put up for tender. Since tendering is a modern process, this assertion probably has some merit. The same point can be made about Halliburton (George Bush) and the contracting tenders for the Iraq war. You would need to look at the processes for selecting tender winners. Many bidding pre-qualification criteria are actually staged to favour a certain bidder. George Bush's relationship to the Bin Laden family supports collusion in this instance.
Its a compelling video with many interesting themes. If you dont already have Bit Torrent installed you can download it from the website (link www.bittorrent.com/download). Make a note of the folder the torrents are downloaded to, so you can open it in a media player.
If you like the video, dont forget to direct your friends to this page.
Andrew Sheldon www.sheldonthinks.com
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