Friday, September 25, 2009

How to deal with the contemporary political scene

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Lately I have been coming to terms with the current political system. Trying to establish a path through our political legacy which does not offer much in terms of protection of civil liberties. The other day I was listening to George Carlin to see that his solution is 'not taking an emotional stake in the outcome'.

I have difficulty accepting this strategy. He is not necessarily suggesting this strategt for everyone, since his concern is himself. Everyone cannot be comedians. It could be argued that if things were not as they are he might not have any material.
Regardless I cannot detach myself from the reality in which I live, so I want to fight for freedom. I do not believe it will necessitate civil war as he suggests, but I think whilst we might be going sideways, as we over-invest in material possessions, I think its probable that the world will wake up at some point. Maybe it will take a war with China or Russia. My guess is that they will align with the West in future. The answers will be found within communities, whether through some charismatic leader, maybe as a result of judicial activism, or maybe because of civil unrest or some unforeseen constitutional reform that bestows rights to all people.
I have just 50 years (max) of life left on this planet. I want it to mean something in terms of values. I want to relate with interesting people. I don't want to be constrained by idiots, and I want it to be a satisfying existence. Does it both me to pay 30% taxes? Yes, but that is not the end of it. Its the knowledge that government changes the way people think and act. It rewards the wrong type of behaviour, it encourages crime. It makes the world an unpleasant place to live. Governments shape values - not just through law, but through education and other subordinate institutions. This is not a conspiracy theory. There is no purpose from the 'top'. Its just unthinking people acting in what they consider their (expediate) interests. I favour acting in your interests, but not self-indulgence, but with a philosophical, rational standard of value.
I relate to a lot of what George saids but I do think he lacks some philosophical integrity in his approach to life. Damn funny guy though. I recommend most of his videos on YouTube for those who are unaware of him.
Andrew Sheldon

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