Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Farmers also under attack by government agencies

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The erosion of political freedoms under government. This ought to bother people, but I doubt anyone will see the implication. The problem is the way laws are 'negotiated' into law, and how governments impose those laws. Increasingly it is resulting in a very 'punitive' political system which makes the Nazis look 'right neighbourly'. This is just one case. This is not new. We saw a few weeks ago how the Australian Tax Office prevented Paul Hogan from leaving the country. It did not have to arrest him. It just immobilised him 'in a sense'. See my previous blogs about that case, but farmers might want to read this story from NZ. The same thing could happen in Australia to you, and it no doubt already is. Geez, its happening to you if you received an unreasonable speeding fine. Unreasonable might mean speeding in fine weather, whether by 10km, or maybe higher. But a less contentious example would be the fine I got for doing 120kmph in a 110kmph area on a 20 degree hill. I thought I was being a good environmentalist by preserving my momentum. But that context is not fully appreciated by the 'arbitrary law'.
Anyway, read about the punitive action taken against this dairy farmer in NZ.
Andrew Sheldon

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