Sunday, April 24, 2011

A political crusade against NSW legal services

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If you have ever dealt with the Australian legal system you would know just how bad the system is. The problem is that most of you simply tolerate injustice and avoid legal action. You tolerate high legal charges, you tolerate the extortive market practices of companies subject to token regulation. Here is a Twitterer who is fighting back. Frankly, I think these people are campaigning on issues and not identifying the fundamental problems. That is my role; however I would like to add to their argument from my personal experience. I have many cases of extortive corporate policies in my life, as you have in your life. Don't think I have some loathing for capitalism. I love markets; the problem is the 'mixed economy' we have which has no integrity at all. My effort is to give it that integrity.
My grandfather had a 1/4-acre, waterfront house and land on Sydney Harbour overlooking the Sydney Harbour Bridge. He sold it through a real estate agent who argued that the property could fit a tennis court 'long ways' just prior to the 1997(?) market correction. The buyer was a solicitor who withdrew from the sale on a technicality. He argued that point and guess what? He won, and the real estate agent too was deemed not responsible, and my grandfather got stuck with the costs. One wonders how that situation occurred. At the time, the case attracted a lot of attention.
2. We currently have a class action against the Australian banks for excessive fees. We might wonder why they can charge fees at all for services? Particularly given their capacity to extract minor amounts and the collusive monopoly they have over banking services. They have been during this for decades, and yet only now action is being taken.

If you have similar examples and experiences, you might want to join this petition which relates to corruption in the NSW legal system.
Andrew Sheldon

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