Sunday, April 08, 2012

Is the US looking at a war with Islam?

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Here is another good post which conveys the problem with American values. It conveys how the anti-intellectualism in America, and even more so in the Arab world, is driving us towards another war. I of course expect America to be more intellectual than the pre-Industrial Arab world, but then I'm accustomed to not getting what I want.

Tom Treadtoe, from the Florida Security Council argues that there are 1 billion Muslims in the world, most of whom think that Muslims did not cause the terrorist attacks. I don't think you can take such assertions at case value because we must remember that these people live in the totalitarian Arab would. But let's concede that there are a great many Arabs who will believe their own conspiracy theory, who will be Arab nationalists, and who will accept any opportunity to spurn the West, and America in particular.
In the West, if you ask people if they know who President Obama is, 30% will say they don't, and they are probably joking. Many say 'terrorism is justified to advance Islam'. Is that not the same as saying that the West believes in fighting for values.
This is not scary - at least not in the way he presents it. People should put values ahead of 'country' loyalty; irrespective religious or national loyalty is a source of collectivism. This is why we will drift towards war. We are presented with this false dichotomy - country or religion? Duh! Wrong question. You should retain your own judgement and values, and not renounce either to God (Mohhammed or Jesus), nor country, as Hitler demanded ("You are nothing, your country is everything). So the fact that I am not a proud Australian makes me a terrorist? :)
The fact that I want to change Australia and NZ makes me a terrorist? This nonsense is coming from a think-tank....mind you its probably a Christian group peddling their 'science' looking agenda.
Yep, as we already knew they are racially prejudiced...they hate Asians, Jews, they even don't like other Arabs. They are collectivists; that is what you get. Muslims are probably the worst collectivists, so they will resort to coercion to get what they want.
He asserts that religion and law is integrated...does that not answer his issue of why they place religion above country. They are not allowed another religion...hence this is why they accept they cannot change their values...that Islam cannot be questioned. Sharia Law is of course contrary to the US Constitution....but how good is the US Constutution? It's just relatively better. They will attack you as hypocrites because in many respects Muslims are more consistent...until you get down to metaphysics, they repudiate objectivity, and yet they use your arguments against you. Unless the West gets its act together has displays some consistency, the West is going to self-destruct with some presence of democratic nirvana whilst the Muslims take over.
So rest assured there will be a war with Islam because there are not enough smart people like myself in the world, and we do not live in a meritocratic democracy, so rational arguments do not prevail. Sorry....I didn't vote. :)

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