Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jessica Sanchez should snub democracy - she moved the earth's axis

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Its official - Philip Philips has won American Idol 2012, ousting Jessica Sanchez. This is tacky TV at its worst; highlighting the general stupidity and lack of objectivity of Americans; and also highlighting the incapacity of majoritive-based democracy to achieve objectivity. We already knew that right. Whether the problem was Philips mindless supporters or Sanchez's supporters belief that they did not need her vote, surely the biggest loser should be democracy....for it has affirmed its capacity to deliver injustice. Let us recall that Jessica had to be resurrected in order to place her in the top 5. Nothing to do with her performances; it was solely the result of American stupidity. 
If Philips had any respect for objectivity he would spurn the award and hand Sanchez the award - not as an act of altruism, but out of a sense of objectivity. i.e. Because he does not want to be elevated on the shoulders of idiots who might buy his albums. But alas, maybe this competition was not about talent; but more about 'who can sell albums to idiots'. Or maybe the show is about how to become an idiot. Who can tolerant idiocy. Well, I love all these talent shows - X Factor Australia particularly, as well as the Idol series. I love them for the talent developed and expressed. The 'democracy' I can do without...and the stupid voting system which denies talented people validation to appease stupid non-discerning idiots. 
The only defence I can make for Philips is that he does convey a style; but Sanchez trumps him in every respect. Teaming up with Jennifer Holliday only highlighted her maturity as a performer. I conclude that Jessica Sanchez shifted the earth's axis when she sings; Philips merely contributed to global warming. 

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