Monday, September 01, 2008

The dishonesty & ignorance of Australian politicians

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Its interesting what politicians convey when they argue in parliament. Consider today's parliamentary session in Australia. A string of Liberal Party MPs asked questions along the lines of "Why has economic growth fallen by half since Kevin Rudd, Labor leader has taken over the leadership". Why has inflation increased, why has interest rates risen, why has real wages fallen. These questions are surprising because:
1. The Liberal Party is blatantly and systematically dishonest for arguing the point, because it was an orchestrated campaign to discredit Labor for something that the Liberals did under their 10years in opposition.
2. It highlights the lack of respect the Liberals have for facts
3. It highlights the lack of respect for voters, treating them like the idiots they often are.
4. It highlights the idiocy of the government of Kevin Rudd because the best Kevin Rudd could do was say "Is that all you can do, talk down the economy".
Andrew Sheldon

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