Saturday, September 27, 2008

McCain vs Obama

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In the most recent debate between the presidential contenders, both were disappointing. There was no knock out punch. The problem as I see it was that Obama failed to make a connection. He made the point that McCain was privy to Bush's plunders, but McCain was able to argue that he had opposed all the policies that are a blight on the Bush record.
This leaves open a blaring contradiction. Bush had the support of someone in the Republican Party. Now McCain is the main of the moment. The implications is that a lot of the people who supported Bush must be supporting McCain.
Not convinced? Well its the Republican Party that made it possible. It was Reagan that put the US in debt, it was Clinton that pulled the US through it. It was the Bushs' who put the US back in debt, now looks like it will fall upon the Democrats to again get the US out of debt. I had to laugh when I saw assertions by Republican congressmen that the problem was caused by greedy capitalists. The common denominator is the Republican Party.
Andrew Sheldon

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