Sunday, August 01, 2010

Abbot and Gillard are liars - so we have a political consensus

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The idea that Tony Abbot is honest is nonsense. The democratic political process turns them all into liars. Here is a sample in respect of Tony Abbot. It refers to a conversation between Abbot and Latelines Tony Jones during the 2004 election. I don't accept that its his private business. Its a public issue. The sensibility of the issue is that he is implied to have mustered the support of Archbishop Cardinal Pell to oppose the Labor education policy.

My intent is not to influence anyone to vote for Labor. They are even more deluded and dishonest. The intent is to encourage people to break this horrible system, by whatever means they find desirable, whether its protests, voting for a minority. My preferences being:
1. The Secular Party of Australia
2. The Liberal Democratic Party - they also evade issues, but at the very least let's have some real competition in politics, even if reason is beyond these people.

Furthermore lets ridicule the absence of coverage for minority members for the Senate. The media should offer some coverage of these people if we are to have any chance of breaking the deadlock of the current two-party system.

Frankly I find 95% of Australians and every other country to be liars. These are very ordinary people, and if you look at how you elect people, you might wonder why you get representatives who are anything live the 'common man' in the street. Its what you voted for.
Andrew Sheldon

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