Thursday, August 19, 2010

A false political dichotomy - Left vs Right

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Today I received an anonymous email citing a UK newspaper article saying all types of things about Julia Gillard. First of all, I could care less about Gillard, and I certainly don't like her politics, but neither do I like Christian 'lesbian hating', religious nutters on the Conservative side, and I include Tony Abbot among them. What he did to another idiot 'Pauline Hanson' highlights the vacuous ideological foundation from which he has ascended. The Liberal Party really has reached new lows to appoint him their leader. Did they not learn anything from Bush?
Herein lies the problem....Too many of you people are uninformed Christians. I have said enough about your idiocy on my religion blog, so here I want to deal with the issues in this email, because contrary to the source being a "UK newspaper", a Google search of the contents showed that it came from idiots in Australia. I will not repeat the email, I will merely list a similar source of it online. These things can go viral, so I just want to make sure it does not with appropriate corrections & clarifications:
1. Gillard is a lesbian - News to me. Does not surprise me...but who cares! Religious nutters will not vote for her anyway, they will vote for the other collectivist candidate. Tony Abbot. If she is a lesbian, why does she hide it? Probably because she would be a target for idiots. Dishonesty is justified if its to protect a value, and not to defraud one.
2. Gillard is a socialist - former president of a student union. No kidding? That one I knew. But why is that surprising given that she works for a collectivist party like the ALP.
3. Gillard is pro-abortion - How surprisingly intelligent of her. The evidence is on her side.
4. Gillard the moderate - Ok, this is the only fair assertion, and its really not controversial. Yes, Gillard played a part in the ALP's hopeless policies, and from her you can expect more hopeless policies. Is she trying to be a moderate? Yes, if you mean pragmatic, she is to be sure. What about Abbot though? Does he tell us that he prays 3 times a day, and gets guidance from God? No.
5. Gillard is a foreign debt builder - Frankly I think it makes little difference whether one borrows in Australia or abroad, governments should not have the power to extort wealth or income from private citizens unconditionally. There is no prospect of accountability. An unconditional relationship is slavery. The constitution provides some weak 'conditionality', but such 'abstract' provisions are weak in the face of 'explicit' statutory, arbitrary provisions for government to do as it pleases.
6. Gillard liked boat people - Maybe but it might be another thing for her to sell it to the electorate given she is already allowing 300,000 immigrants into the country.
7. Emissions Trading Scheme - Yes, correct. The EMS is a tax collection scheme. Global warming is overwhelmingly a natural phenomenon, and human population and emissions will have peaked before we need to worry about an 'anthropogenic' factor.

So what does this anonymous email tell us. It tells us two things:
1. We have a F***Ked choice in a two party election, where we are given two collectivist parties - so called 'left' and 'right' wings, but these terms are poorly conceived, so I don't like to use them.
2. That the writer of this article does not have a solid intellectual grasp of political philosophy, otherwise they would see that they are part of the problem. Wrong strategy. The problem is bigger than Gillard. But everyone is so short term, concrete-bound thinking.
So you choice is have no choice. Idiot or idiot. That is freedom under democracy. Anyway thanks for the deluded information just prior to my non-participation in the election.
Andrew Sheldon

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