Friday, November 26, 2010

Misconduct or political extortion?

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Reading the latest news about ASIC's investigation into the affairs of Andrew Forrest, the CEO of Fortescue Metal's, one is inclined to think something very shady is going on here. We have two former executives of Andrew Forrest making statements about false disclosure, and then backing out from those positions. This is very suspicious for a number of reasons:
1. Andrew Forrest is enemy number 1 in the government's pursuit of a resource rent tax. This gives the government considerable reason to discredit Andrew Forrest. ASIC charges of misconduct with disclosures to the ASX are a plausible bases for achieving this objective.
2. Andrew Forrest is one of Australia's richest people, and I suspect one of the few who does not endear himself with political parties and leaders....until the government started talking about a resource rent tax.
3. We have two 'apparently disgruntled' former executives of Fortescue Metal's apparently backing out or wothdrawing statements of malconduct at Fortescue.

I am not trying to cast dispersions upon anyone in particular...because I have no idea where the blame lies...I just find it highly suspicious. I am inclined to think that the Labor Party is trying to extort wealth from one of Australia's richest man...but I guess this is hard to find evidence for because I suspect these activities are undertaken by 'shadow figures'. I just find it interesting that this case comes up....and miraculously disappears.
This type of thing happens all the type in Russia and the Philippines. I just wanted you all to know where democracy is leading us. All the best with that!
Andrew Sheldon

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