Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Who should be allowed to vote in Britain

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Here are some British politics highlighting that parliament is all about 'politicking' and not about objective and honest appraisal of ideas. PM Cameron has conceded that criminals should be able to vote; placing him at odds with his party. He is in the unsavory position of agreeing with the EC. How unfortunate. The article by The Independent highlights the issues.
My view is that:
You could invite aliens to vote as far as I am concerned. The tyranny of a minority, majority, or even aliens is still tyranny, or extortion.. yep, I thought it was illegal too..
So much for common law.. Let's go with statutory law....its so much more popular! We all like to be loved....even by 'liberated' fools.

More generally I would suggest anyone who has an pecuniary interest in the outcome of politics ought to be able to participate in the system that impacts their lives. Should tourists be allowed to participate? What about persons from foreign trading partners. Absolutely! If we had a respect for integrity, principles and objectivity, this would not be a problem....but not through this silly process of voting for 'pretend representatives'. This circus act is plainly extortion. There are more criminals in parliament than in gaol...and they don't even get travel allowances.
Andrew Sheldon

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