Monday, April 28, 2008

The misuse of the media

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The sad reality is that every media is subject to manipulation, misuse or mismanagement. A corporate with the intended to service a certain goal can be maligned to serve the interests of one (or a group) of shareholders or employees. A web site which is intended to provide information can be used to misinform or malign another person. That is what we are seeing with respect to Brian Gorrell. Brian has his problems, but in the minds of DJ Montano and his partners in his shared delusion we are seeing an attempt to malign the truth to preserve the fraud - not just an attempt to misinform, but to hide their own vulnerabilities, as well as the weaknesses embedded in the Filipino culture. Every culture has its weaknesses, just as every culture has its strengths. There are qualities amidst the Filipino people which I dont see anywhere else - both on the side of good and bad. The problem is too many of the bad have too much power. And the rest find it hopeless or otherwise just sit on the sense because they are making money.
In the following links you will read about the maligned mind of 'Lulu'. The story starts with my comments on Brian and BJ on my blog, and the Philippines is general. People might not like generalised statements, but the reality is that human knowledge (logic) is based on generalising and differentiating. Its how we understand the world. So please brace yourself as you come to terms with a dubious Christian soul called 'Lola'....Lola, Looola, oh oh, Lola, oh, oh, oh, Looola. He He. See This post.
Andrew Sheldon
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