Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Philippines pandamonium

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This blog is raising a storm worldwide, but particularly in Australia, the Philippines, the USA and HK. Its having repercussions on so many levels - Manila 'high' society is under the spotlight, and then there is the power of the internet to smear or expose.
This blog reveals the inner secrets of Manila's richest people in a 'tell all' by a gay Australian man who had a Filipino boyfriend who stole $70,000 from him, according to the blog. The guy is Brian Gorrell, and his ex-BF is 'DJ'. This guy is getting 50,000 hits a day as a result of the detailed research he offers. TV stations even interviewed him.

The interesting aspect of this blog is that the author is really implicating himself. One has to respect him for standing up to the guy whom he accuses of stealing $70,000, but is he really standing on firm ground. Would he reflect on them just as badly if he was not screwed over by one/all of them? Is he not just snubbing them because they snubbed him by tacitly supporting his former BF. That strikes me as a typical 'human' trait by today's standards. People seldom stand up for truth. They defy objective reality in an instant to retain the confidence of other people. These people have just less sense of reality because they are buffered by their money, just as school kids are buffered by the safety of their institution, the military and academics are protected by lifelong tenure/pension, and welfare recipients sometimes offered unconditional payments.

I think if this guy was really the saint people are professing to be, then he would not be living among them. He would not have gained their confidence. Anyone who rejects these people or is rejected by them, knows the division of values involved. Those alienated by 'high society' are the real saints because they have preserved their intellectual freedom or independence. Is this guy a saint because he implicated them? Is he a changed man because he is now critical of this 'high society' he embraced just months ago. I think not. Is his rejection of these people over a very concrete $70K a sign of his intellectual conversion. Nope. I think its just vengence. Brian Gorrell is the same guy he was several months ago - just he knows the poisonous chalice he holds.

Brian was a victim of the same values which he holds. He was just too innocent to know. How else would be gain their trust. These are perceptive people - they know when an outsider has breached the walls. I know because I was never able to permeate the walls, as much as I tried as a youth. In time I realised that I could not be that way, that I had to preserve my intellectual independence and integrity, and hope that would lead me to 'my type of people'.

Brian has strayed from home, but I dare say he will find his way back to something that looks remarkably like the home he left, just a more familiar one in Australia.
Andrew Sheldon www.sheldonthinks.com
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