Saturday, April 26, 2008

Team Brian vs DJ

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The Philippines is under seige. You might be wondering whether Brian Gorrell is a con artist after recent revelations i have seen on the internet. I am starting to read a lot of scandalous stuff on Briab of late. There are several reasons why I am suspicious:
1. It took a long time for the accusations to come out
2. No one is actually stepping forward in the public eye to state the facts

Several observations I have:
1. DJ Montano has a vested interest in undermining the credability of Brian. Apart from the fact that he is destroying the life of DJ, he is also undermining the credability of his family. They are being pushed into a corner with no where to go. Its not like they are rich enough to go to another place, and who wants a 'coke head' for a migrant.
2. The Philippines is full of people with a distorted sense of reality
3. The Philippines is full of cheap labour. People who would write alot of shit for the sake of a few busks, so DJ has a few people he could employ.
4. The Philippines is full of cheats. As much as I dont like disparaging 'collectives' or countries, if the shoe fits, then wear it. Does that mean all Filipinos are cheats? No. Does it mean there is likely to be one in the family? Most likely. And its likely that 80% of the family will distance themself from a cheat, but 20% will defend him, and there reputation, just to retain their deluded sense of importance. Of course cheats need victims, as do parasites that live on other family members. The Philippines 'culture' is supportive of this regime. I went to a party last night. I was not obliged to take any wine or beer. Of course someone has to provide. I guess someone socialite is the best bet. Someone who wants to display their success, or their parents. Of course no one talks in such terms, they are not honest enough too, but that is the crux of the social interactions. Those that dislike the Philippines culture leave the country. Thats why there is a disparity between those Filipinos who live outside the country and those maligned souls that live within. The church is an institutional sham for distributing political power and money to those that prop up the system.
5. Are Filipinos among the most scandalous people in the world. Actually I think so. I think they are among them, 'collectively speaking', up there with the Russians, Arabs and Chinese. Its not genetic of course, its generally speaking cultural. But what is culture? If you want to be specific - its values.

So why do I suggest Filipinos are so bad? Well Filipinos are very affable people, very easy going, so very easy for some people to take into their confidence. It is afterall how they live their lives, 'in each others pockets'. That's how they live their lives. Thats why most want to get out of the country. Well aside from the money, well-paying jobs abroad. They offer trust (sometimes because they have nothing to lose, sometimes so they can make you feel guilty), but they mgiht expect it in return. Be careful. Westerners are not so accustomed to pushing for trust, you earn it in time, so you might be coerced into giving it because they are such naturals at winning our confidence. The crucial difference is then, do they use that trust to screw you or not. I think having the opportunity is one thing. Then they have to justify it. I find a great some Filipinos have a highly distorted sense of reality. I think this comes from the maligned values from being conquered as a nation, the hypocrisy of the religious instititions, the '2nd-hander' social values which defines people by how much money they have, who they know. I think in the business sector fewer people earn such credit (money & power) that way, through rout. I think they are more shrude in their dealings with people, but they still use graft to great effect.

On that note, I look at my knowledge of Filipinos. Well most of them are poor, so I dare say most of them are not going to come to my attention, for good or bad. It is actually very rare that I have any sought of relationship with them. Alot of them smile like I'm someone's desert, like I'm someone's ticket out of the country. I'm told they have a special respect for foreigners, but no. I think its more like relish. So I get the sense that they feel they have been dealt a bad hand by being born 'Filipino' and they relish the opportunity I present. If not as a boyfriend, then as a sponsor for a visa, a free 2nd hand computer, advise on immigration, a little generosity. Some are more tactful than others. Some are very patient. My landlord asked me for my computer only after being a tenant for a year. Only met her a few times.
So what are Filipinos recognised for? Well this is not fair. If I was to ask what Australia is famous for it would be kangaroos, beaches, etc. So maybe that means little. There are people from both country working hard and doing great things. Well I know after last night that not all Filipinos are great singers, and seldom with an original song, at least not in English. Some Filipino won the boxing lately. But then it turns awry. I know a Filipino home nurse managed to screw a billionaire magnate's family out of money in Australia. More pathetic was the ostantaceous way in which she conducted herself on TV. I know that a Filipino Michael DeGuzman was implicated for fraud in the Canadian Bre-Ex scandal worth billions to some. There is all the prostitutes in the Philippines, all the young girls that are dating guys 30-50 years older than them. Why? I guess money is more important. The Philippines is not alone. It happens in Thailand as well. Then just in the news yesterday, there is the news that a Philippines health insurance defrauded the US military out of $US100 million. Well I guess we should not be surprised that it was the US government lost the money, the way they throw it around. See the story US military health scandal. To be fair US military were implicated as well. I wonder if they were enabled by the culture. Travelling around Asia I find a great many Westerners of dubious ethic. No doubt they entered Asia with a bad ethic, just it was enabled by the local culture. But look how the problem fested under US government sanction.

Living in the Philippines there are other reasons why I think Brian and his backers are on the right (truth) team. I observe living in the Philippines a few cultural reasons why people are more inclined to cheat, defraud, etc. There is a weak sense of reality, and there is a tolerance of deceit. Afterall this country has the worst ranking for corruption in Asia. Corruption here is a joke, and its seldom ever reported. If it is, no one is likely to investigate it. An keen invesigator will likely be paid off. Lastly I think the country's religious convictions are to blame. If its moral to give, its practical to take. This country would have to have the worst sense of entitlement. What is yours, is to be shared.
Andrew Sheldon
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