Tuesday, October 05, 2010

WA police a law unto themselves

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Here we have an example of a gross breach of procedure by Western Australian Police. What possible justification is there for 9 police to use a tazer gun in the confines of a police station 13 times. It is an incredible breach of protocol. If you are wondering why none of these men lost their job, its because:
1. The 'red neck' culture of WA Australian police
2. The impunity which the police displays around the world, not just in Western Australia.

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I believe this culture extends to the Australia Police Academy. Some 20 years ago I went skiing with some university friends. We were joined by police recruits from the Canberra-based academy who were friends of a university colleague. They were blatantly drink driving and speeding on the way to a Hunters & Gatherers concert at the Station Resort in Jindabyne. This incident aside....it was a great night.

The problem of course is that these guys act with impunity because they think they are beyond reproach. They did not even seem to care that they were being videoed. Its hard to believe that they did not know there were cameras in the police station. In addition, no one of 9 police in the room reproached the offending officer.
Andrew Sheldon

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