Saturday, October 02, 2010

Rodney Hide's judgement in question

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According to Rodney Hide, Labour MP Phil Twyford has breached parliamentary conduct by sending an email from his parliamentary server to endorse a local candidate in the Auckland City mayoral (local government) elections.

I am not convinced that this is a misuse of govt's resources. What has he done? Sent an email? There is no conflict of interest. He used an email to promote his party's interests. Would it be a conflict if he sent his mother an email saying he will not be home for business. I think its more Rodney Hide whose judgement is compromised. His integrity has been questioned by resent events, so he is persecuting every little perceived indiscretion to show that all MPs are as bad as him...come on! So much for parliamentary standards. Why don't we ditch a bad political system.

It has to be acknowledged that I previously gave him the benefit of the doubt, however on this issue, he certainly conveys a measure of opportunism and ill-judgement. It is disappointing because the ACT Party offer the best prospects for libertarianism in NZ....and the principle exponents of this party seem compelled to self-destruct. I would prefer to live in hope of someone embodying the principles than to narrowly think of this party as boomed by the indiscretions of a few candidates, regardless of their impunity.
Andrew Sheldon

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