Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wannabe parasites.....apply here

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This is a rather interesting advertisement. I guess if I hated myself sufficiently one could be compelled to seek such a job for its generous superannuation, modest salary, but plenty of security, in the knowledge that you will never work in the private sector again. Read and understand how they describe the position:
"As a key Government agency, the Department of Treasury and Finance delivers high quality economic and financial management advice and services to our customers through five different business units, with staff located in workplaces across Perth and the metropolitan area".
The problem with this of course is that governments don't have customers....they have victims. A customer is a person who 'voluntarily' enters into an agreement with you. It is a conditional relationship based on the mutual exchange of values. No value, no service.
The Western government does not exactly function on the basis which was intended by the constitution, however it is because of the failings of the constitution that government is able to act as it observe that it:
1. Acts unconditionally, extorting money from taxpayers
2. Offers no recourse when they fail to do their job
3. Any compensation is paid by the taxpayer...not the politicians who caused the problem

Many people of course accept this nonsense that we had a choice. If you voted, you have a choice. "If you didn't vote, how can you complain. You have your chance". The choice is to not sanction a bad system. A vile system that causes untold injury to people's lives. Injury beyond that which they would care to recognise. People are sabotaging their minds so that they do not have to know the pain caused by governments.
The guy who wrote this advertisement for a government bureaucratic role on some level knows that the government doesn't have customers, that the 'customers' are actually required by government to deal with them. Its all nonsense...and people know it....they just choose not to identify it constantly. Why worry about something you cannot fix?
Well, I can tell you, it is not going to be fixed until someone worries about it. What does it take? A protest? A High Court challenge? All in good time.
These people are parasites pretending to provide some 'public service'. It is not public service, it is public extortion. Is there any value in the services offered by government. Of course there is...some value. By your payout is probably only 20c in the dollar you pay because they do untold worse. i.e. The welfare state that gets larger, the legal system which expands in its convoluted stupidity, all because of statutory law. Common law offers far better protection...but not the 'protection' or extortion your MPs want to provide.

I once worked in the government. I was a post office mail sorter for a year whilst at university. It was a great job because I was given 5 hours to perform a job that I could do in 3 hours. These places seem to attract all the minorities, whether its Asian immigrants who have double degrees and still can't get a job, or homosexuals who have experienced some prejudice in the community. The agencies are a waste of people. These people had potential before they went into the public service....destroyed by it. Politicians are normal 'well-intentioned' people. I've been dealing with some lately, but they will be destroyed by the system. People who are defined by the system. Mind you...the system is defined by our someone has to rise to the change the values upon which this system is based.

I contemplated a job with government later in my career. I was considering changing the system from within. I downloaded an application form....but when I read that the fire escape rules/guidelines were a condition of the employment contract.... I think I almost regurgitated by lunch. These people were so caught up in was clear that they had lost sight of objectives. Who has the presence of mind, the 'thoroughness' to place fire evacuation guidelines in the job description. I dropped that strategy pretty quickly. That is the same type of nonsense that governments today speak. For example, the tax office when it says it is going to respect its 'taxpaying' customers. When government departments talk about having 'profit centres'. Governments do not make profits.....they have residual funds...and they are seldom much because they feel compelled to spend lest their budget be reduced each year. They are not custodians of your interests, they are middlemen extorting some value on the pretense that you will get some value in return. There is sometimes a value....sometimes its a loss. Maybe after inefficiencies and inconpetencies you get 70c in the dollar for roadwork these days, compared to 40c in the dollar when it was all government depts. Public electricity supply might offer 90c in the dollar, with a little bit of loss for redundant labour and poorly negotiated coal supply contracts. You might lose 30c in the dollar with privatisation, 10% going to investment bankers, 10% going to foreign investors, 10% going to the govt in future taxes. For things like education and the justice system, I suspect you are only getting 20-30c in the dollar for 'rot learning' and inefficient processes. For the legislature, I think you are looking at a huge loss. Huge! The legislature is incredibly centralised so it thwarts effective decision-making, they create loopholes because they develop 'statutory dogma' divorced from any context, which will demand later modifications. Compare that to Common Law. Its track record is exemplary. It has been marginalised by statutory law.
Andrew Sheldon

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