Monday, January 24, 2011

India a leader in putting laws to song

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People really are not aware of India's role in reforming global democracy. This place is a hot-house of injustice simply because its more unstable than most other democracies. We have witnessed the capacity of democracy to whether all types of storms.
So far in India, we have seen judicial activism compel governments to reform. This has resulted in the judiciary taking a more active role in law making. People might spurn the idea of judges 'making the law' as opposed to 'interpreting' it, however the reality is that the dichotomy is a misconception. Interpreting law is making the law; its just making less fundamental law, as well as reconciling fundamental laws, as is often the case with High Court decisions.
Chief Justices don't argue this point for some reason. It is a pity...Good if we didn't have morally ambivalent Chief Justices.
So judicial activism is very a big undercurrent in India...but the other one is 'Bundarro'.
What the **@@@?? I have no idea what this is about, but it seems to be a grassroots political activism which places the laws of the nation into song. Can someone interpret this song for me. Anyway, I think its a great idea. Karaoke justice! Let's not fight wars; let's just dance. Problem is I guess - the Indians were never leaders in rhythm. If this gets to the ghettos - watch out!

Andrew Sheldon

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