Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Its not guns stupid!

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It is not just politicians who are missing the bigger picture, it is the moral relativists, who think the attempted assassination of Senator Giffords was just a madman running around with a gun he should not have. The reality is that there are people who are sensitive about their rights, and there are among those, some who are morally ambivalent about how to express their rights...or to recoup them, where they sense they are lost. We go to war to reclaim rights lost; for some, killing a senator might be a logical extension of that principle. i.e. Those who spurn rights cannot then persecute a person for not acknowledging theirs. Frankly, I don't think his actions are going to help anyone. Even political uprisings in Tunisia are not going to shine a light on the lack of freedom in the West. Most people are living under the delusion that political rights mean something when you lack economic rights (i.e. freedom from tax expropriation). Its funny how globally governments passed up the opportunity to recognise that right. Instead they went the other way and abused it, with the 'New Deal' of Roosevelt in the post-WWII era. Apparently there is still a global reconstruction emergency going on because government spending seldom goes south for the winter.
Andrew Sheldon

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