Saturday, January 29, 2011

Israel and Lebanon were once allies

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If you ever were unsure about who is the enemy in the Middle East, and wanted a good summary of how matters have come to pass, this is the video for you. This speech is very good. There are some errors. She blames Arab governments for mounting a great deal of propaganda against Israel. I would suggest that it was the liberals in the West whom are to be blamed for this folly. It ought to be as plain as day that even moderate Arabs are morally ambivalent or too scared to speak out against the actions of Muslim extremists. What the world needs is some courageous, honest Muslims to speak out against the Arab collectivists. In most Western countries there is a tendency for Arabs not to speak out. I can recall only one. This is not surprising. The Arab world is among the most collectivist countries in the world. It is even less likely to find an Arab who is critical of Fundamentalist Muslims than it is to find a Japanese national who thinks the US was entitled to bomb Hiroshima.

There is a series of these videos so I hope you go through the series. For the record, I repudiate all religion - Christianity and Islam included because they are a repudiation of rationality, egoism and individualism.
Andrew Sheldon

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