Friday, March 04, 2011

Australia's finest doing what they do best

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Here is just another example of the shortcomings of if there weren't enough. I ask you - is this the way laws should be enacted? Is this the way moral agents exercising moral judgements, custodians of our justice system should behave?
I would expect shonky salesmen and backyard drug dealers to behave in this fashion. But these people occupy the highest positions in your country. These people are even performing these feats right out in the public, so they are not even ashamed of their action.
The question is - why do you - as a voter tolerate this type of behaviour. Why don't you take some responsibility for the state of your country. Why don't you insist upon some standards of conduct. I might also suggest standards are only cogent if reason is the standard of value. Its not. Its power, political pull and that means 'numbers'.
Andrew Sheldon

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