Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Revisionist interpretation of human nature

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Want to hear a new 'scientific understanding' of the world....a new type of humanism. Well, turn your attention to Mr Brooks in the New York Times, but more importantly, sort the responses by readers to his article, and you will attain a new hope for mankind. The answer is near, but you will not find it on the front page because that is dominated by politically-correct journalists or liberals who support the media corporate agenda, which is to support the two major parties.
Read his article here and then read the 'sorted' comments. Brooks starts off on the right path, then he goes off on a tangent, and thus becomes a repository of ideas which are exactly the problem...a lack of individualism. Yes, the old idea of humanity being too selfish gets a revisionist interpretation...and you guessed it....we are still too selfish...we have to renounce our personal will and follow the stupid masses. What has changed....surely not the dawn of a new messiah...nope the dawn of an old one.
Andrew Sheldon

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