Tuesday, March 08, 2011

USA and Australia - our shared legacy of ignorance

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Why is the Australian government donating $3mil to build a WWII veterans memorial in Washington. This strikes me as gross waste of money. Is the purpose of the memorial intended to remain Americans that we were there as well; that we are a great '2nd lieutenant', best mates. If the purpose of a memorial is a reminder, then let it be a reminder of something important, like the causes of the war. If I did a survey I dare warn you that too few people actually know the cause of war. I know that because we are inextricably moving to another war by practicing today the every same values that caused the war. Some lessons are of course never learned. Sadly, its the important ones. The less important ones are the one which are remembered, i.e. Like the fact that Australia partnered the US in various wars. Who dares. That ought to be important to Australians, not Americans. It ought to be about values, not allies.
So what has not been learned. Well, for a start, Australia has just elected a socialist to be its first prime minister. Yes, a woman. Whilst she might not be very good at shooting one, be assured, she is quite capable of persecuting Australians and foreigners alike. On this occasion she is making slaves of Australians by investing $3mil in a useless war memorial (given that people will remain clueless as to the actual cause of war).
So given that Australians ought to know that 'Nazi' is short for "National Socialist' party, how is it that we have come full circle, and now elected a socialist to lead the country, to function as a 'moral authority'. Let us not forget that the PM leads a government and government has the sole distinction of possessing a 'moral sanction', and its arbitrary...just as was the case for Hitler. Yep, he was elected by a democracy as well. Accountable? Yep, Hitler like Gillard was accountable to governments which practiced basically the same 'democratic game'. The difference was values. Not so great differences in absolute terms, but clearly they were compelled by 'relativist' disparities to take a different path. Today the USA is the country in the same desperate position as Germany was in the early 1900s. Expect austerity measures, just like Hitler was forced to adopt. Do I expect Obama to evade Mexico? No. I expect instead he will find a way (i.e. a rationalisation) to persecute the wealthy in his country, whether they deserve it (i.e. They obtained their wealth unethically) or not. That is what middlemen (and women) do to say in power.
So what was the cause of the war? Well, do you remember ever hearing at a war memorial service like Anzac Day, where various leaders praise their countrymen (i.e. veterans) for nobility of their 'sacrifice'. Well, that is the cause of war. Not that people do it, but that people think its noble. If people did not think that was the source of nobility, they would justify it another way. They would say 'Mate, I did it because if I did not fight the Germans in Europe, I'd have to fight them in Australia', i.e. He would identify the real motive, which was self-interest. A less narrow conception of 'selfishness' than we are accustomed to, but then who thinks conceptually these days anyway. Yep, that is the cause of wars. Society is confronting a crisis of values. A flawed theory of values which makes sacrifice noble. I want to end with a Hitler quote to affirm my point. Hitler offers many such quotes...but this one is simply stated: "You are nothing, your nation is everything". Yes, he too preached sacrifice...and at Anzac Day, Julia Gillard and other leaders in the democratic world will do the same....until you remind that that you are no longer a British 'subject', and that you recognise that democracy gives you no real choice in a system of government which offers no real competition, in a system which offers no real sense of accountability. Basically, for all those wars, we 'got and learned swat'.
Andrew Sheldon
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