Monday, May 09, 2011

A chaos of public administration in NZ

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This article by the NZ Herald highlights in NZ how the government is bringing about the failure of state administration. Apart from the prospects of civil unrest, as we have seen in the Middle East, the public system is broke and needs to be dropped.
Of course this type of chaos is occurring in all of the democracies around the world; and understandably so. The US was the base currency which propelled them all to the same ultimate inability to pay their bills.
The question is - will people blame capitalism; or will they recognise the primary role of government in precipitating this state of affairs. It is hard to blame government when you need a hand-out, and no one thinks to blame anyone when the economy 'looks good'. Well, not everyone. We have been blaming govt since we started blogging in 2005.
Andrew Sheldon

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