Monday, May 02, 2011

Japanese corruption - worst in the OECD?

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When one has the opportunity to live in different countries or merely takes the time to read the political news in different countries, one soon realises that its corruption is not isolated to one's country. It is essentially universal that politicians under democracy are corrupt. I would expect no less under any form of tyranny because, like democracy, they are not relationships based upon respect. The question then is:
1. Why do people tolerate it? Why are they not out in the streets?
2. Why are people not mailing this blog to their friends?
3. Why are people not looking for another way? A different philosophy?
4. Why does it feel like I am the only one?

This blog post is from a Japanese reporter who covers the Japanese political system. The Japanese parliament is arguably one of the dirtiest in the OECD. Of course third world dictators are far more brazen in their corruption.
Andrew Sheldon

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