Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Syrian military crack down on protesters

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There is a massive crackdown occurring in Southern Syria at the moment. It makes one think that the UN Security Council ought to intervene in this country to prevent human rights abuses. There are a number of problems of course:
1. Control of the skies is not going to do much
2. Syria is strongly supported by Iran
3. Support would need to include military arms or a ground force, and I don't see that.

What is the solution to this problem? I think the US needs a biodegradable armaments. i.e. A gun which degrades after 2 years of use. The problem of course is that the Middle East needs to develop a respect for human rights. They are too ready to tolerate autocrats. They need to develop some fighting skills and dig in. You'd think the US could offer some training in Israel. This only works however if:
1. The US offers training in ethics as well - and its a big bridge to cross
2. The US has a consistent foreign policy - seemingly impossible given their moral ambivalence. Just look at their track record in the Middle East.
Andrew Sheldon

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