Thursday, December 02, 2010

Attitudes to homosexuality in the US military

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I write so much about sexuality issues people might question mine. Openly straight, but you might wonder because I put out the laundry, clean the dishes, and I have some pretty gay-looking photos. Anyway, I am fascinated by a great many issues, and sexuality is one of them. I have some controversial ideas, but reading about a survey in the US military about attitudes to homosexuality, I am inclined to think that:
We are told that the US military embody 'our finest'? Might it be they are generally the 'lowest' of US values. i.e. mid-Westerners with no purpose, few career prospects, little education or opportunity. Not their fault. That is their educational context. But having being an apologist for it for 17 years because the US govt needs cheap cow fodder for its overseas excursions, might we ask, does the Us military embody US values? When I look at military forces and police around the world, I see tolerance for the worst forms of culture, closer to fascism/collectivism than the freedom/individualism that they purportedly protect? don't we require more than an opinion poll to tell us that they are ready for change?
Andrew Sheldon

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