Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Intellectual views of Julian Assange, WikiLeaks

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As much as I appreciate the efforts of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in exposing global governments to greater accountability and transparency, one has to acknowledge that he is no intellectual giant. Intellectually, he is a misguided anarchist at best. The problem with him on these issues is that he advocates small, accountable government, but can offer no intellectual basis for his views. Just he accepts that's the way it should be because that is how it was in the Ancient World, which he romanticises. I agree with him on small government, but I have no confidence in his collectivist, anti-intellectual views. Anyone who favours Roosevelt as a great US president needs a serious intellectual make-over. Roosevelt was the person who gave us 'free money', i.e. Who took us off the gold standard. So much for his belief in accountability.

What do you say of a person who advocates nuclear disarmament. This is pretty silly when Iran is building weapons. The solution is clearly to retain weapons since they tend to keep the peace, and to apply conventional technologies to destroy the capacity of countries like Iran, North Korea. I am still wondering how it is that we allowed North Korea and Iran to develop such capacity. What are we waiting for? These countries enslave their own people - is there any reason to suggest they would have any greater regard for us if given the chance?

Read about the stupid sex allegations concerning Assange.
Andrew Sheldon

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