Sunday, December 12, 2010

Evasion - The nature of political persecution

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There is no question that government is capable of deceitful acts in order to stay in power. But actually a great deal of government legislation has no such harmful intent, merely the short term, desperate pragmatism which actually does not help the situation, but rather betrays the best interests of people. Here are some examples:
1. Speeding fines: People are dying in car accidents. The government decides to adopt strict speed limits, regardless of the fact that most deaths are caused by very high levels of alcoholism.
2. Suicides: A great many Japanese people are committing suicide. The social impact of people jumping in front of trains and out of buildings is very high. The Japanese solution is to fine the families of the deceased for disrupting train services and causing people to vacant buildings, causing the owners of the apartments loss of income. Here we have the family of the deceased penalised for their actions. More ridiculous still because it highlights the complete disregard for the interests of these people, that they feel compelled to commit suicide.
3. Incarceration is another example. We place people in prison to penalise them, but also to protect the broader community. This of course neglects the total disregard for these people whilst they were growing up. Society takes an interest only when they start killing people. Even then, its only solution is to imprison the perpetrator.

We might ask why these people commit crimes in the first place. Might it relate to the way they were treated prior to their acts. I suggest there are a number of reasons:
1. Resentment for years of abuse by parents
2. Resentment for their lack of preparedness for life
3. Disdain for the values of the community, and still greater resentment that no one cares that they are happy with the system
4. Resentment that they need to comply with laws and rules they don't agree with, that they have no recourse, no effective power.

So what is new? Might it be the fact that we are told we have rights but in fact they have no 'effective' value. We do not realise that political rights which exclude economic rights merely turn us into economic slaves. There is no reason to renounce our political rights as all political or moral values have a 'material' expression, so NO economic rights delivers the same impact as having NO political rights. Witness how quickly a government can close you don't if they have a warranty to freeze your bank accounts. The WikiLeaks episode is a case in point.

You might wonder what the hell are these politicians doing. They are reversing causation. They think they can treat the effect to end the cause. They are not going to stop people from committing suicide by punishing the parents. But of course that is not their intent. Their intent is to manage perceptions. Perceptions are more important than effects. They want you to pretend for their state that society is great, we are all have great fun. Just keep drinking, and you will slide through life no problem. This is the problem with democracy. It is a repudiation of objectivity. It entails no respect for facts. That is hardly justice is it? What made you think modern governments were advocates of justice?
Andrew Sheldon

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