Thursday, December 09, 2010

Rudd over-rated by diplomats

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According to the NZ Herald a WikiLeaks cable stated:
"Rudd ... undoubtedly believes that with his intellect, his six years as a diplomat in the 1980s and his five years as shadow foreign minister, he has the background and the ability to direct Australia's foreign policy".
This strikes me as irrelevant. The guy imposes huge taxes on industries because they make profits after 15 years of low prices. He wants to control the money. He is the worst form of intellectual parasite. The type that needs to be at the centre of the universe. This is not a question of efficacy for such a person, otherwise you don't join the public service. Its all about control. The arbitrary rules and regulations of the public service and government is the only place where this form of low-life can grow. That's why you don't find Rudd's species on planets with no life...he has nothing to live off.
I really think those diplomats were too kind. The notion that he is "abrasive, impulsive, a control freak", strike me as incidental to his ethical premises. Extortion of wealth from Australians who make a profit, and what about those who buy stocks after he arbitrarily decides to apply a huge industry-based tax without warning. The same can be said for Swan, Gillard and Ferguson.
Andrew Sheldon

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