Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Natural selection in the modern world

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This is a great video skit. Not entirely accurate because it would convey to you that the idiots will inherit the Earth by virtue of the faster procreation. The reality is that its not a physical dilemma as much as a psychological one. i.e. Mr Mediocrity is not an idiot, so much as not focused, or evasive to the long-term conceptual demands of life. Instead he is satisfied with repressing unsavoury thoughts and engaging in materialism. So whilst Mr Mediocity might have a low sperm count, the problem is really that he is not open to conceptual reasoning. i.e. Moral scepticism.

Natural selection ceased to be true for modern man because it was based on natural systems, as opposed to mental systems. i.e. One cannot ignore the fact that we no longer live like a cave man fighting the physical elements, whether weather or beasts of prey. We are now fighting each other, intellectually in a variety of ways. There is nevertheless elements of natural selection in sports, but that is not the main show. The biggest obstacle is dubious social standards which corrupt the proper functioning of society. Blame democracy which reverberates back to the cave men values, so they control our people of merit. The reality is that meritocracy is the only value system compatible with human nature.
Andrew Sheldon

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