Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tyranny in Cuba highlights despotism in the West

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From Cuba, the Miami Herald has the story of a uneducated, unskilled mother who is leading the anti-government protesters seeking the overthrow of the Cuban government. In Cuba, the tyranny of government is far more apparent than in the West. We are raised with this misconception in Western countries that we are free. The reality is that we have certain political rights which mean nothing if the government is able to perniciously able to tax you, to be unaccountable for how it spends your taxes, and if it has the unconditional power to do so.
They would argue that you have the right to choose your leaders in triennial elections. This is nonsense. It is not a 'real' choice when there are two entrenched parties, and in any respect, you cannot package support for candidates, and you cannot argue that democracy is legitimate. Even if more than 50% of the people supported the government on any particular issue, that would not necessary make the government right. In fact, given the populist, uncritical thinking of the public, I would think it has more likelihood of being wrong.
Public policy issues are complex. They require the diligent, critical thinking of well-educated people; the greatest minds of the people; not political middlemen sanctioned by often uneducated, passive, disinterested minds only interested in concrete, expedient values; i.e. What is in it for them. Such a system is destined to alienate the mindless and persecute the wealthy. No one benefits from such a system - not the middle class, and not even the politicians themselves for the following reasons:
1. Democracy sabotages the economic potential of the economy, by centralising power and imposing arbitrary, statutory laws which only preserve the pretence of control. Such laws are destined to create loopholes, which require a crippling litany of patch-ups, each more desperate and expedient than the last. The NZ parliament now laments that policy is so complex.
2. It sabotages the minds of all people, whether it cripples the wealthy or intellectual with anxiety, or repression
3. It underpins any prospect of politicians having self-respect. Having been close to aspiring politicians, they display no respect for voters. Their ideas are coercive, so they are incapable of practical solutions.

Your political masters have no self-respect. They are not the best among you; they are the among the more delusioned. They know not what they are doing. They have no moral sanction; only your complicity and your obedience to count upon. They are morally deprave and they know it; the tax office knows it; the police knows it. They are corrupt to varying degrees, and they live on hope. Why live on hope when there is certainty in logic and integrity. We need a meritocracy based on reason.
Free thinkers of the Western world - why do you settle for so little. The use of prescription medicines rise unabated. More people are diagnosed with depression and anxiety each year, more with psychosis. Even the healthiest among you are repressed, compartmentalised and mnidlessly obedient. That is not justice; its tyranny. Reclaim your right to your own life; a life free of the tyranny of your government and your neighbour. Your political rights mean nothing without economic rights. Taxation is not for preserving infrastructure and civil society; it is about preserving political power, which becomes increasingly difficult, as your minds degrade under deprave values. The foundation of your society is a mix of markets and socialism. The socialism within you is destroying you, and it is capitalism which will get the blame. Apparently you were too greedy to preserve the virtue of socialism. It was not capitalism; not if by capitalism you mean a system based on reason and volution. Only socialists would advance a system based on coercion and compliance. A capitalist does not need a revolution if he is free. The revolutionists have always been the collectivists, whether socialists, fascists, environmentalists, animal liberationists, etc.
I hope you can find the courage and conviction of this 68yo uneducated, unskilled mother in Cuba, who is leading a protest. What's your excuse? Not persecuted enough? Life too breezy. Have all the material concessions you could possibly want? Are you happy to have the power to buy another product you don't need? For this mother; I don't think it was about the money; even though she has less than us Westerners. The propaganda in the West is no less than that in Cuba. The West is in a tyranny, but people have been seduced by materialism. When they sold their values for materialism, they renounced their minds. The socialist solution is that you have not done enough; now renounce your materialism. My answer is - Stop Renouncing! You have a right to live. You birth right is that you have no encumbrances. You were not born into slavery; you just have to proclaim your freedom....yes, freedom in the Western world. You no longer need be British 'subjects'. The law is not above you; the law ought to be for you. The law ought to be your protection. It was once under Common Law, but common law has been displaced by statutory law because you sanctioned the politicians who enslave you. Withdraw your sanction for their representatives and their system. March in deviance against a pernicious system which will ultimately lead us to a worse form of tyranny. When all the world's collectivist countries adopt democracy, there will be no standard of comparison. There will be the historical record, your ideas, but what value will they be in a world of moral scepticism. Your scepticism is symptom of your acceptance of ambivalence....your concession that your mind is powerless to solve the problem. So support those minds which preserve their integrity. You will not find them in a despotic political system. Stand up for a meritocracy based on reasons - not 'numbers', where representation is a proxy thrust upon you. Your democracy is merely a legitimatised tyranny.
Andrew Sheldon

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