Monday, February 21, 2011

Student detained for loathsome Facebook posts

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In the United States, a student has been apprehended for posting vague messages of loathing society....the police responded. It does strike one as political correctness.
Preventing him going to that school is a decision the student ought to make - not the principal. He has not done anything wrong. He vented anger at the world. Who wouldn't when the world we live in is pretty poor. He deserves a Nobel Peace prize for identifying the hypocrisy or inherent contradictions in contemporary 'social values' at such a young age. If only every student could get such counselling....better still...if people actually realised 'the system' is stuffed. So what exactly is wrong with the system. Well here are some pointers:
1. Might makes right. Since the 1860s (Britain) perceptions have been more important than facts, i.e. Numbers more important than reasons or science. The implication is that sensible common law has become displaced by statutory law, which is inconsistent, so we need amendments to patch up contradictions, which creates loopholes, so you get this endless complexification of the law, which does not work because even the expert lawyers, accountants and so forth don't understand it, so you have to test the law in the courts, or get a ruling from the tax office. In conclusion, its arbitrary law, little better from when Hitler ruled Europe. That's right, the House of Lords & Commons were right to reject universal suffrage (democracy), but sadly they could conceive only of a false alternative (fascism/communist). Education was destroying people's minds back then as well. We needed a meritocracy, with reasons driving policies, not numbers. Reasons which are critiqued, rendered coherent by the smartest in society, not numbers which are extorted by vested interest groups or populists. Yes, we need a respect for objectivity. Even science today has turned into a popularity contest at the behest of governments. i.e. Climate change, monetary economics. The US started with sensible values....but democracy white-anted it. Democracy has also inhibited the development of the humanities....philosophy and psychology particularly.
2. Lack of accountability. The current system does not hold anyone accountable....most particularly politicians. The reason is that a 'two-party' democracy may as well be a single party autocracy. That is feeble competition when you know you are going to be elected by default in a bad system, able to be corrupt or get your chance at power. How hard do you think it would be for a politician to receive kickbacks into a Swiss bank account. Most of them are wealthy lawyers already. Ask yourself why Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is so loathed. Because bank workers will have a means to disclose the private bank details of corrupt politicians, as well as innocent taxpayers who ought not be forced to pay tax....why? That is my next point.
3. Coercion. People accept the myth that they have rights. You don't. They have a delusion of rights. Your political rights mean nothing in a modern specialised society where your material rights are everything. Without economic rights you are a slave to an unaccountable, wasteful, scornful (Wikileaks) or indifferent state. They will even use your tax contributions to keep you in your place, as an 'economic slave' serving their expedient and ill-conceived. Ill-conceived because they are not accountable for their policies. You triennial vote means nothing to you, and communicates little to them. They are middlemen, they are not statesmen with ideas. They know as much about public policy as your stockbroker knows about good investments. They are salemen making a buck living off your buck. You need statesmen the likes of Thomas Jefferson, but with even more integrity after 250 years of progress. Your system does not create them. This system loathes 'big picture', loves money, and spurns all ideas which does not create it TODAY!
We could go more fundamental than that, but that is the practical manifestation of your ideals! Think again.
Andrew Sheldon

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