Friday, July 16, 2010

Australian election set for 20th Aug 2010

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Julia Gillard has announced her intention to hold the election in mid-august 2010. This of course will give her the maximum opportunity to demonstrate that Australians need as little time as possible to learn about her.
If we switch to Tony Abbot. He is out with one of his policies. Pity its not a glowing respect for small business. He says that he will have a small business minister in the cabinet. Well that is simply a matter of tacking a portfolio on a minister with 'other more important duties'. He says he will also establish an industry ombudsman. The problem with an ombudsman is that they have utterly no authority to change policy, and if you give them "sufficiently little" resources, they might be just as useless as the Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC).
It is actually remarkable how little Abbot has said. Based on initial statements Labor is going to win the election...but its very early days. They are equally useless so all Australians will lose. I won't be voting.
Andrew Sheldon

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