Saturday, July 31, 2010

The right to vote in Australia

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I wonder if this is true...learned it on some forum...

"Voting isn't compulsory in Australia: you only need to have your name crossed off, no one can actually force you to vote. Once your name is crossed off you can not be fined".

I have to question it because the democrat who made the remark also said:

"Anyone who doesn't vote has no right to complain about how the country is being run".

to which I say:
What crap. Only an idealistic in democracy would believe that. Democracy is a system to legitimatise coercion; against which everyone can rightly complain, as long as they don't sanction coercion....because that would be utter hypocrisy.
How could you complain when you sanctioned the process, their methods.
The "tyranny of the majority" is little better than "tyranny of the minority". Better only in that its more stable. Too stable. Its still a slavery. You have to laugh. Women thought they were being emancipated in the 1960s. hehe.
They became slaves to the govt as well. Now the govt gets near-twice the productivity from you slaves. Now they want you to work until your 70yo, and you think you are on a good deal. he he
In fact what you are sanctioning is the eventual collapse of the nation under a weight of debt. Some 'New Deal' which will see the same people leaders in a new scheme. We will be even closer to fascism then, because you will be so used to sacrificing your happiness to serve some politicians wet dream, that you will not know which way is up. We will be in the 2nd 'Dark Ages', though it will look different. Technological innovation would have slumped because you will be paying 70% tax in order to fund a national emergency, like a shortage of basic services like drinking water. It hasn't happened for 7000 years, but they will say its because of climate change. You will believe it though because they control the media and academia.
Andrew Sheldon

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