Saturday, July 31, 2010

Analysis of others voting behaviour

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This is an opportunity for me to correct some misconceptions about Australian politics.'

Quote from Adultmale
"I will probably vote coalition, that is if there is no independent standing.
I sincerely hope Julia Gillard does not become our next prime minister. Have you noticed how she never answers any questions put to her? No matter what the question is, she just replies with meaningless rethoric and slogans. She never gives any detail and never commits to anything. The lies and deceit slide out of her mouth as smooth as silk.
Tony Abbot on the other hand couldn't tell a lie to save himself. I think he is geniune in what he says and can be believed. He has religious faith which means he has a moral foundation to his life. To him lies and deceit are just plain wrong. Gillard has no such moral foundation and I believe she will lie and deceive without compunction.
It turns out now that she was telling Kevvy that he had her full support just the day before she knifed him in the back. Do you want someone like that has prime minister? I certainly don't.
Well, I suggest the Liberal Democratic Party for a libertarian perspective for the Senate. I've not noticed how Gillard lies, but I seldom meet honest people in any walk of life. She is no doubt a buffoon who will be pushed aside by the unions after she wins, replaced by Martin Ferguson perhaps".
How do you equate religion and morality. Religion is actually the renunciation of morality because it is the renunciation of self-interest. That is why Christians cannot be trusted because they profess an anti-life value system. That is why in opposition he can retain a pretense of moral righteousness, but in government, he will quickly descend into a "Bush-like disaster"Honesty? Honesty to a contradiction? I don't think so. No doubt he self-righteously tries like many Christians, but it will be a lame effort when he is given the power of government. Look how he persecuted Hanson. He's a fascist like George Bush. I actually think Gillard has a moral foundation like Abbot, but they are both utter collectivists. Australia has a very fascist choice this time round. All the pragmatists have been choked. Probably because in an emergency (i.e. recession) people seem to descend towards idealism, out its the wrong ideal, i.e. fascist/collectivists. This is why unprincipled, pragmatic business people who endorse govt stimulus always lead us to this point. Unless we have small govt, we are destined to repeat old lessons. Integrity is not its just an alliance to a delusion in their case, whether God or socialism. Religious piety is the greatest rout ever perpetrated. We need a respect for facts or objectivity....not with a system based on democracy (i.e. the tyranny of the majority).
Andrew Sheldon

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