Monday, July 19, 2010

Is voting worth it?

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Each Australian is given the opportunity to vote in an election for representation in an electorate with about 60-80,000 other citizens, who might be smarter, wiser, wealthier, morally or technically, or financially superior than him, or not. Are they all equal? If so, in what way? And does it matter?
Why are we all tied to each other? Centuries ago, we aligned our interests with others in order to protect ourselves. Now we are able to use the political system to extort concessions from others. The tyranny of the majority has been enabled by our political system. And you want to sanction this system by voting?
Even though it is compulsory to vote the government never actually enforces the law. The law is really only there to give legitimacy to the process....which I will argue is illegitimate.
Would you care to discuss/debate this topic with me?
Andrew Sheldon

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