Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New contender - the Climate Sceptics Party

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I have some sympathy for the Climate Sceptics Party for these reasons:
1. They appear to be the only party which embraces critical thinking, which makes them the sole party embracing objectivity as a standard of value, even if they don't spell out an epistemology, or deeper philosophical convictions.
2. They actually are the only party value which identifies some healthy values, grounded in science, as opposed to the other parties which dispense sweeping ethical or political concepts with no basis.
This party of course lacks depth because it lacks resources, and it lacks breadth. At least however it is targeting a particular demographic - the rural voters. This makes it more goal orientated than the others.
Climate change is a big issue this year, so a party which stands for opposition to a major piece of current legislation has to be a positive force in the Senate. For this reason, I would be inclined to vote for this party.....if indeed I believed in voting. I'd prefer to educate Australians about the perils of slavery.
Andrew Sheldon

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