Sunday, July 18, 2010

Australians - Why you should not vote!

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I have said as much on my blogs over the years, but this guy sums up nicely why you should not vote in this August 2010 election.

This is a well-argued presentation. The only thing I would argue is that WWII was made possible because the German people sanctioned the system by participating in it. The reason they did not object when they were forced to, was because they did not object when they had the choice to. If you 'choose' to sanction their rhetoric today, you will accept their 'guns' tomorrow. This is the way we are going. Don't think you are moving towards freedom because Western governments are liberalising markets. Government does not need to control the manufacturing of product, they need only to control your income. They would prefer China to be with them. They don't want China to end fascism, they want them to join their style of fascism. In fact, we are moving towards Chinese fascism. Last month, Australia tried to adopt a resource rent tax. The miners accepted a comprised version. The full version was adopted in China, though with a minor concession. Its not simply an issue of miners vs government spending; its one more step towards arbitrary fascist control over wealth and wealth creation. Fortescue Metals appears to have conceded the battle. Where will it end? When the concept of principles is nothing more than a faint background noise you ignore.
Andrew Sheldon

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