Monday, July 19, 2010

Vote Liberal Democratic Party

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I have no intention of voting in the next 2010 Australian election. It will however not stop me from advising people to either snub the whole process which is your sanctioning of a immoral, coercive, unreasonable form of fascism which is a repudiation of your interests, and your self-worth.
Many people see voting as the only way they can make a difference. I can understand that. In the USA only 50% of people vote compared to Australia's 95% of Australians. That disparity is because Americans are 'free' to vote, but Australians confront an ugly paradox of being "forced to vote", that is 'forced to make a choice". Incidentally the Australian Electoral Commission does not release the number of registered voters, such that we might determine who is not registered. It is fair to say that all are snubbing the system. Some might have emigrated for financial or family reasons, and some might be shacked up in Thailand, living an alternative life....probably because they hate Australian politics.
If you are adamant that voting is the way to improve our society, and in the context of Australia, it probably is, because others are forced to give legitimacy, then I think it makes sense to vote for the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). They are a libertarian party according to their principles.
I do not endorse these people, I do not know them. I can only read what is on their website. They might sell out like everyone else. But I would think if they have any power it will be related to their 'small government' policy, and that has to be a good start. My principles are a bit more philosophical than their 'superficial' philosophy, which deals only with political concepts. Maybe they want to keep it simple for you simple folk. They actually still believe in parliamentary democracy. Oh well! I personally want to impress upon you my integrity and the breadth of my knowledge, because by doing so I can show that I have an answer for almost everything, and that I have integrity, and yes that 'philosophy, principles and integrity' are practical values, which you can have confidence in. But don't be surprised if they are into extortion as well on the path to freedom....if they ever get there. It might be like investment in your future if you stay out of the bar long enough to finish. It takes cognitive discipline. A minority has a better chance than a majority because minorities can empathy with our subjugation so long as they are victim of the common tyranny.
I suggest this group to slightly improve your 'blind donkey' chances of getting a better result than with other candidates. This system gives you no accountability. By the next election, this party might be voting with the Liberals. Maybe they totally discredit the principles upon which they are founded. Maybe they are narcissists like me....maybe they are Liberals in drag. Take a risk...for the sake of freedom from fascism.
Andrew Sheldon

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